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The WishAlerts community-based app empowers your local community and takes us back to our roots, when life was more simple and people helped one another.
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Case Scenarios

With WishAlerts, it’s easy to get your wish. Whether you’re looking for an anniversary gift, a night on the town or just need help around the house, all you have to do is use the WishAlerts app and your wishes will come true. You can even wish to be alerted to local events like great live music featuring local bands, or to connect with local groups nearby or just follow topics that are relevant to you and your community. Press the icons below and you’ll see how easy it is to get your wish.

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Now Available In The Following Countries


Coming Soon

  • United States
    Dec 2018
  • Australia
    Jan 2018
  • New Zealand
    Jan 2018
  • Canada
    Feb 2018
  • United Kingdom
    Mar 2018
  • Germany
    May 2018
  • France
    Jul 2018
  • Hong Kong
    Jul 2018
  • Singapore
    Aug 2018
  • Austria
    Oct 2018
  • Spain
    Oct 2018
  • Worldwide
    Jan 2019
We're building WishAlerts shop local communities the world over. We're launching the app in various regions in a scalable manner to allow for an awesome user experience with top-notch customer service. Enter your email below and we'll notify you when we launch in your country.


Wish for most anything! From happy hour & dinner specials; custom jewelry; home or professional services, etc. Wish once and your search is over as the app will find & alert you to unique offers that match your wish.

Local Businesses

Find & get connected to great local businesses near you. Read and write reviews. Check their rating and pics before doing business. Keeping it local helps your community!

Local Offers

Take a look at great deals near you not available anywhere else!


Create your free profile and get discovered by customers near you. Map view and turn-by-turn navigation makes it easy for customers to find you. Monitor and respond to customer reviews; upload menus; hours of operation and contact info.


Keep in touch with family, friends, neighbors or local businesses that you have a connection with. You’re always in control of whom can contact you.


Find friends, neighbors, or your favorite local businesses. Connections get exclusive announcements not available elsewhere.


Upload your favorite pics and share with friends & family (or set to private mode). Peruse your friend’s or favorite merchant’s galleries all in one convenient place.


Save a tree! All your in app purchase receipts and codes are stored here so you don’t have to print anything. Customize your settings to what suits you best. You’re always in control!

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